As the world trembles

For now I’ll just go outside and watch the snow fall.
I’ll just stand here and let the snow give voice to the silence.

As the human world trembles Squirrel is in a concentrated hurry, storing her winter food.
As the human world trembles Robin pulls a giant worm out of the earth
and decides it is too big for him to eat.

As the human world trembles Worm crawls back into the earth.
As the human world trembles Water in the creek sings her love song to the bedrock.

As the human world trembles Wind whispers to the leaves “It is time to let go”.

The land is still here. Ever holding.
The trees are still standing. Rooting deep.
The fire is still burning. Warming hearts.
The rocks and the sun behind the clouds and the call of the cranes flying south are still cracking me open.

As the human world trembles the more-than-human world keeps turning.
She remembers me of what it means to be both human and more-than-human.
She reminds me there is no separation.

And while the snow keeps falling and the silence speaks of peace
I end my sacred pause.
My shaking breath draws ripples in the cold November air
and I know that when I move again
it will be for love,
it will be for compassion,
it will be for holding,
it will be for hope,
it will be for peace,
it will be for growing forests of good people,
it will be for hands and hearts coming together,
it will be for lighting fires, around which the new story can be told.

Dieser Text ist zuerst auf mein Blog Walkingwomad erschienen, und habe ich am 9. November 2017 anlässlich der nordamerikanischen politischen Veränderungen geschrieben. It’s time to tell the new story.

In peace and gratitude,
Helen Cat